My dream house essay in english for students


A home is a place where we live with our family in full security & safety. We stay together with our parents, grandparents and siblings, & it is a place which gives us affection and a sense of warmth. In this article, we shall look into “My Dream House Essay for Class 1” children và understand the importance of a dream house from a young child’s perspective. While writing “My House Essay for Class 1”, a child should understand the significance of a dream trang chủ in their life. Besides, a child should consider home as a symbol of human togetherness i.e., a place where every person learns the first steps of their life.

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Here’s a sample of ‘My home Essay for Class 1’ children which they can refer to while drafting an essay of their own.

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My Dream House Essay for Class 1

My dream house is where I can live happily with my parents.I want the house to lớn have large rooms.The house should have a big veranda for me to play.It should have a nice kitchen.My dream house should be built of bricks, cement, marble & tiles.All the rooms of my house should have big windows to lớn let in cool air.

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The walls in my trang chủ should be light yellow in colour.There should be a balcony with a beautiful view.I would love a small garden with trees, plants và flowers.My sweet home will make me feel safe and comfortable.

A Short My House Essay for Class 1

I love nature & want my house to lớn be in an area covered with many trees. I want lớn build a dream house with a garden where I can grow my fruits and vegetables. I would also lượt thích to have a big living room & four other rooms that can be used as a bedroom & study. My dream house would be a place where I would live happily with my family. It would be large with four rooms và should have a big common room. My house would also be a wonderful place decorated with beautiful paintings.

My dream house would have a trampoline room, a pool, a small waterfall, và a big garden. My whole family would stay in every room. In my house, I would have an enormous kitchen where I could help my mother cook. Moreover, I would also have a trò chơi world. It would be a house where my family & my pets could live together, surrounded by a large garden full of flowers and trees.

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For young children, writing is often regarded as an enjoyable experience as they can express their thoughts in short and simple sentences. Writing 10 lines on ‘My House’ essay for Class 1 is a small attempt from our end to help youngsters put their thoughts into words và explore their English writing skills. Lớn explore more such essay topics, you can also download our learning app- Disney BYJU’S Early Learn for your kids and learn more.

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