In my family, there are some rules that we have khổng lồ obey. Firstly, my sister & I have lớn help our parents’ with the household chores khổng lồ help alleviate the burden on their shoulders. For example, when our mom and dad work late, we will take turns preparing dinner, doing the laundry và washing the dishes. Secondly, we should all arrive home before 8:30 in the evening. My parents believe that setting a curfew can ensure our safety & help us to lớn become more responsible. Finally, our parents want us to bởi vì exercises everyday. They often say that sitting for too long and gluing to the computer’s screens can easily cause headaches, eye strains và even obesity. Exercising, on the other hand, can not only help us to stay in shape but also lower the risks of these health issues. In conclusion, these are some rules in my family, and I will try my best lớn follow them.

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