Giáo án dạy dỗ thêm môn giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 6 (Chương trình thí điểm) là tài liệu xem thêm giảng dạy nhằm mục đích giúp thầy cô giáo chuẩn bị tốt hơn cho tiết dạy của mình.

Giáo án dạy thêm môn tiếng Anh lớp 6 là giáo án điện tử được biên soạn cụ thể theo từng bài bác học, từng ngày tiết học. Hi vọng tài liệu này đã góp phần cung cấp các thầy thầy giáo giảng dạy tốt hơn môn giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 6.

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Giáo án dạy dỗ thêm môn giờ Anh lớp 6

Date of planning: ……/ … /….

Date of teaching Class: 6…. :……/ … /….

Practice unit 1

I. Objective:

A. Aim: By the over of the lesson, students will be able khổng lồ Remember their knowledge in unit 1.

Do some excercises.

B. Knowledge:

Vocabulary: School things and activities.

Pronunciation: Sounds / u / & / /

Grammar: The Present sinple and the present continuous

Verbs(study, have, do, play) + Noun

Communication: Talking about và describing a school.

Talking about và describing school activities.

II. Procedures


I. The present simple :

1. Form:

+) I / We / You / They + V (work / study)

Yes, He/ She/ It + V-s/ V-es (works / studies)

– ) I / We / You / They + don’t(do not) + V

He / She / It + doesn’t (does not) + V

? ) vị + I / We / You / They + V (work / study) …?

Yes, I / We / You / They + do

No, I / We / You / They + don’t

Does + He / She / It + V-s/ V-es (works / studies)…?

Yes, He / She / It + does.

No, He / She / It + doesn’t

2. Use: the main use of the simple present tense is khổng lồ experss routine or habitual actions. It is often used with adverbs or adverb phrases such as: always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never, every…, on (Mondays), once, twice, three times… (a day/week/month…)

II. The present continuous:

1. Form:

+) S + tobe(am/is/are) + V-ing

– ) S + tobe + not(‘m not/isn’t/aren’t) + V-ing

?) Tobe + S + V-ing…?

Yes, S + tobe(am/is/are).

No, S + tobe + not(‘m not/isn’t/aren’t)

2. Use: To talk about actions are happening now or around now

To expess a definite arrangement in the near future (one’s immidiate plans)

Adverbs: now, at the moment, at presentVerbs: Look! Watch! / Listen! / Be (careful/quiet)!Answer questions with “Where”

– Ss practice test.

– T checks.

– T helps Ss consolidate the knowledge.


Ex1: Change these sentences in lớn interrogative form and answer Yes or No.

1. He gets up at 6 o’clock.

2. She brushes her teeth at 6.10.

3. Phái nam gets dressed at 6.25

4. Ba và Nam go lớn school at 6.30.

5. Tuan washes his face at 6.15.

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6. My father has breakfast at 6.20.

7. I wash my face at 6. 05.

8. They brush their teeth every morning.

9. He is a big boy.

10. They are small.

Ex2: Change these sentences in khổng lồ interrogative form and answer Yes or No.

1. He is watching TV now.

2. She is reading a book.

3. Nam giới is playing football now

4. Ba and Nam are going lớn school.

5. Tuan is listening khổng lồ music.

6. My father is working.

7. I am doing my homework.

8. They are playong chess at the moment.

Ex3: Correct form of the verbs.

1. What time your father (go) home from work?

2. He (do) his homework every evening?

3. They (not play) sports from 2 o’clock khổng lồ four o’clock.

4. What time classes (start)? – They (start) at seven o’clock.

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5. I (not have) lunch at 12 o’clock.